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Netizens React To Dr. Mutua's Photo Buying Chicken As He Defends His Straight Record

For ten years, the people of Machakos had been enjoying the leadership of Dr Alfred . During his time we have made many gains and changed the fortunes and lives of millions.

During my tenure, there has been propaganda that what I have is PR and not facts by people who are scared by the scale of my Maendeleo Chap Chap programs.

Facts and truth will always show who is right. Today I start an accountability program to show Kenyans what I have done as a leader with the responsibility given to me.

1. Today at this stadium are nearly 70 ambulances we bought 9 years ago as brand new. They are still running and work in various health facilities. With time, a few have been involved in accidents or broken down but over 80% are functioning and as good as new.

These ambulances, that some people call PR, and the health workers managing them have served nearly 1 million people.

The number of ambulance beneficiaries stands at 813,555 while the total cases of fire that our fire engines have responded to is 17,763 We have 8 fire engines county wide.

You know, if you are rich and have a car to take you to hospital in the middle of the night, you will never know the role these ambulances play in saving lives of the poor who are ferried free of charge.

These ambulances, with the fastest response time of any other ambulance fleet in the continent of Africa, are an example of a bottoms up economic model - where those at the bottom benefit as they are supported to rise to the top.

2. Machakos used to be a starving region before I took over as Governor. We were permanently in the list of counties receiving food relief.

And more.

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