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No More Suicide; Check The Solution To Curb The Youths From Premature Deaths.

Death is refer to as natural but why die forced death?We all should enjoy our existence in this World.

Collectively,we should mind about the well being of every soul and better life of everyone.How beautiful and gorgeous it looks when people live happily and consider each other as brother and sister.

We should therefore be there for the betterment of developing each other.It is collective responsibility to ensure our friends and family members are safe and all the time.We should stand fearlessly in support of those who are depressed and tensed to avoid bitter outcome.

1: Speak Up When You Are Worried

This will enable you reduce the stress halfway.It is very essential to share out our problems with those who are closer and friendly to us.Never develop phobia of self expression.Always speak out.

2:Respond Quickly In A Crisis

It is very important to pay attention to a friend or a family member every time they talk about death.It is essential to evaluate the immediate danger the person is in.

3: Avoid Loneliness

You should try never to be alone every time you are stressed or depressed bearing in mind being idle is very deadly.

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