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Use These Simple Methods To Cure Tooth Decay At Home Comfortably

Are dental problems becoming a nuisance to you? If yes, I have a solution for you that will not only cure your decaying or aching tooth but also one that will save your time and money that you spend on your dentists.

Some members of the public are so sure that tooth decay is irreversible and that the only solution is to drill it out but that's not really how it is.

Below are two efficient and effective methods that will help you cure tooth decay at the comfort of your home.

Method 1 : Use of Clove Oil.

This type of oil refered to as clove oil is very efficient, effective as well as being locally available making it easy to access.

To administer clove oil in the urge of treating a decaying or an achy tooth, you only require the clove oil itself and a small piece of cotton wool. Then soak the small piece of cotton wool in the clove oil and then slowly place it on the decaying or aching tooth. Make sure the clove oil enters the affected place. Hold on the cotton wool for about fifteen minutes for best results.

Method 2: Oil Pulling.

This is another very simple method in fighting tooth decay. Here, you will only require organic coconut oil. Take a teaspoonful of it and swish it in your mouth continuously for about twenty minutes. After swishing, spit the solution out and rinse your mouth with water. You are recommended to repeat this method daily for about two weeks for best results

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