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Struggling With Common Cold Or Flu Use These Home Remedies To Decongest Stuffy And Blocked Nose

Having congested nose can make you feel discomfort. Breathing with stuffy nose and a chest filled with mucus can make it hard to go about your daily life as normal. Some home remedies work better to relieve you from such circumstances. Using a Humidifier, pepper and garlic can be readily available substitutes besides over-the-counter medications.

Humidifiers are devices which are used to add moisture to the air. Since cold and dry air may make you feel more congested and interfere with your sinuses draining as they should, a humidifier can be used to pump moisture into the air to enhance easy breathing by increasing the level of humidity in your nose.

This device can be used during the day and at night. However, running a humidifier while sleeping works better in opening nasal passages and make sleeping more comfortable.

Consuming spicy foods is also a common way to help open up the nasal passages. Ginger, peppers and garlic can trigger a condition known as gustatory rhinitis that enhances nasal discharge. Such foods cause the body to produce more mucus and lead to a runny nose. For better results, always consider adding chili pepper, grated ginger, powdered turmeric, and other spices to your meals regularly.

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