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Tanzania Doctors Speak About Deadly "COVID-19 India Variant" as Country Records 4000 Deaths in 24hrs

Doctors in Tanzania wants the government of President Samia to ensure hospitals are fully prepared should the India variant cross to Tanzania

Experts in Tanzania have said a new type of coronavirus ‘double mutant’, which is ravaging in India is more dangerous due to its frequent mutations.

The new virus B.1.617 is said to be the second wave to hit India has claimed several lives, with the country recording over 4000 deaths in the last 24 hours.

Speaking to Mwananchi, an expert and biologist at the Muhimbili University (Muhas), Dr Joel Manyahi said the virus has a tendency to change over time.

COVID-19 burials in India

“The same virus changes slightly by taking another part of the gene that makes it a little whitish or fades and sets itself up in humans or animals.

"It has a tendency to use protein, it changes slightly to be original, it changes itself twice, if it was A it changes to B and then later it becomes C, changing makes it become another virus so that it can spread more easily," said Dr Manyahi as reported by the publication.

Tanzanian doctors have since warned the government to put all measures in place, including stocking hospitals with enough oxygen.

Specialist in Internal and Infectious Diseases from the Aga Khan Hospital, Mandela Makakala said the new virus is highly variable and may be more dangerous than we think by increasing its potential for further spread and severity of the disease.

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