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Do not Use this Bulb in Your Bedroom. Find Out Why.

There are things we do without knowing their negative effects to our health, we only consider their anesthetic values. One of such thing is the use of colored light bulbs or fluorescent tubes in the bedroom. Whereas these lights can lull you to sleep their long term negative effect on ones health may be severe and or fatal. For example, using blue light emitting bulbs in the bedroom does more damage than good. Here are negative effects of blue light.

i. Blue light effect on your Eyes

Phototoxicity is the term used to describe blue light effect to the eyes. It happens when the exposure time is way beyond the threshold and the retina can't take in any more. This will be manifested through eyestrain, blurred vision, dry and irritated eyes. The effects can be so severe that one can lose their eye sight because the the blue light wavelength passes straight through the back of your retina.

ii Lupus

Fluorescent bulbs have a different light spectrum than incandescent bulbs, also they can produce excess ultraviolet light and this makes compact fluorescent bulbs cause complications for people with lupus or other light sensitive skin conditions, affecting their health.

iii Migraine

A migraine is a neorological condition characterized by recurrent, unilateral and often pulsating headaches associated with photo phobia and phonophobia. The flickering of fluorescent bulbs is known to trigger migraines, impacting on motor function, sonsory function, vision, memory and speech.

iv Photosensitive epilepsy

Among the many forms of epilepsy, one is triggered by lights. Blue light and fluorescent bulbs frequently cause seizures in some individuals, who suffer from this problem.

Keep yourself from this kind of flickering or colored lights and it will save you from the risk of affecting your health.

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