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Avoid Poisoning Your Body While Ingesting These Nutriments

1. Milk

Milk is healthie to drink in normal quantities. However, if you drink too much, you risk developing cardiovascular diseases.It is also advisable to stick to just a couple of cups a day to avoid the perils of prostate and ovarian cancer.

2. Shellfish

When consumed raw or undercooked,shellfish open themselves up to the contaminants that can be fatal for humans.Slightly spoiled shellfish can cause bacterial infections and food poisoning too.

3. Potatoes

When potatoes sit in the sun or in damp locations, they start to sprout.Many people simply just cut off the sprouts.It is advisable that you should throw them out, since these potatoes contain poison and can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

4. Almonds

Sweet almonds are harmless, but bitter almond have a lot of hydrogen cyanide and eating more than ten can cause problems.However, when processed, bitter almonds can be safe as hydrogen cyanide is usually extracted.

5. Cashews

Raw cashews can be deadly. The raw cashews at the local store are actually steamed, which removes urushiol, a chemical found in poison ivy.

6. Bread

A lot of white bread contains processed flour and additives that can cause diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Sprouted grain bread is the best recommended option by nutritionists.

7. Elderberries

While delicious in jam and tea, elderberry leaves and seeds are poisonous due to high levels of glycoside, a compound that produces cyanide. They need to be ripe, strained properly otherwise they can cause nausea or even induce a coma. Just make sure you cook them to avoid vomiting and upset stomach.

8. Honey

It is very important to make sure that honey is pasteurized when you buy it.In simple terms just a teaspoon of unpasteurized honey can contain loads of toxins and end up being damaging to your health.

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