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6 habits that will lengthen your life

Regular check-up Early diagnosis is essential for the prevention of the disease and the decrease in age , therefore, it is important to do it regularly and in the most comprehensive way possible. I do this to have a complete annual physical exam that includes blood counting, metabolic blood chemistry panels, a thyroid panel and tests to reveal potential deficiencies in vitamin D, vitamin B group, iron and magnesium, all nutrients that our body needs to perform a variety of essential functions.

2 Let food be your medicine Bad diet is the main engine of non-common diseases around the world, killing at least 11 million people every year. Here are some of my diet rules for a longer life: Eating more plants to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, trying to have all meals include at least one plane plate, usually I have broccoli cauliflower asparagus or side zucchini for lunch and dinner.

At times i opted for berries, nuts or fresh vegetables. Avoid processed foods. Majority foodstuff that you find in grocery stores today are loaded with high salt, sugar , saturated fats and chemical preservatives.A 2019 study of 20000 men and women from 21 to 90 years noted that a high diet in processed foods led to an increase in the risk of death with all their causes.

Not all fats are bad, lipids of altadesidad hdl including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are considered good fats and are essential for a healthy heart, blood flow and blood pressure.

Drinking water . Most of us drink too much water for our optimal health i hold a bottle of water with lemon slices almost daily.water aids in proper functioning of the body organs and detoxification revitalizing the whole body.

3 Exercise . Counting to walk only from 15 to 25 minutes of moderate operation per day, can prolong lives up to three years, if it is for obese and seven years if it is in good shape. I try not to focus on the specific type of exercise you do.All that makes it out of the chair, move and breathe more intensely will help.

Simple walking can improvise lost health and reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and hypertension.  It can even relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

4 Eat early and less frequently . Clinical data show that intermittent fasting, a feeding model in which the cycle between eating and fasting periods can improve the stability of laging cholesterol levels .

Practice mental supervision and energy to facilitate eating early and less diet. I started with an intermittent fasting regime of 8-16 hours for example, between 8am and 4 pm or between 10 am and 6 pm, but keep in mind that a quick or limited calorie diet is not for everyone always. Speak with your doctor before making drastic changes in the diet and in the power routine.

5 Leave bad habits. One of the biggest toxic habits is excessive use of alcohol.Studies show that high and regular use, can help damage the liver and pancreas, contribute to hypertension and weaken immune system.

Large amounts of sugar consumption is another bad habit. Of course in the right doses, fruit sugars, nutritious vegetables and even grains play an important role in a healthy diet. Excess sugar in all its shapes is poison, to decrease my intake, I avoid processed foods and sugary drinks finally, I dont smoke but for anyone, do you? I advise you to quit smoking as soon as possible according to the cdc the steaming cigarette is behind 480000 deaths a year at U.S.

6. Have a good sleep. Sleep will aid in the development of your cognitive powers, to resist first mental aging. It will also refresh the whole system enabling it to revitalize.

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