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Reasons You Gain Weight After Marriage

It is commonly observed that people who are married tend to have more weight compared to those who are not married. There are a number of reasons that support the increase of body mass among married couples.

1) When married people tend to select only healthier foods compared to when they were not yet married.

People who engage in marriage decide to take better foods compared to what they were used in taking earlier before marriage.

The couple would eat foods that would give the body a lot of benefits while at the same time ignoring some of the physical labor, hence this causes an imbalance of how fast calories are increased to the body compared to how slow they are used up by the body.

2) Married couples are less motivated to maintain their weight, since they used to be motivated to maintain their weight so to be able to attract another partner.

Because of being successful in finding a partner and ending up in marriage they see no reasons for focusing a lot on their weight loss. This makes the married couple not to participate in the body exercises.

3) Finally, one of the married couples unintentionally adopts the other’s behavior, for example one partner would accept the other partner’s behavior of eating fast foods or junk foods which are unhealthy, in which the partner would end up to like and start to eat them frequently.

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