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All you need to know of the New covid 19 variant detected in South Africa

Scientists in South Africa have detected a new covid 19 strain with a large number of mutations, blaming it for a surge in infection.

Stating seeing a lot of mutation in the spike proteins that might affect how the virus is neutralised. Also seeing some mutation that are well known from other variants of concern and interest. Giving concern that the strain might give virus enhanced transmissibility.

The variant goes by the scientific linage B11529, and has also been detected in Botswana and Hong Kong among travellers from South Africa. With also being detected in Belgium among the European nations.

World health organisation saying it's monitoring the reported variant, and hold a technical meeting to determine if it should be designated as a variant of interest or of concern.

Britain being among hardest hit by the covid 19 since the start of the out break, now banning travel from South African countries.

Britton Health Minister Sajid saying that British scientists were deeply concerned, hence a decision to suspend all flights from the countries.

"The South Africa government talked of a new variant that they have found B11529. I have been updated on this variant by the health security agency and they have now designated it as a variant under investigation."

"The early indications we have is that it may be more transmissible than the Delta variant, and vaccines we have currently may be less effective against it. By this we will be suspending all flights from South African countries and we are adding those countries in the travel Red list."

"The countries are South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe and Botswana." Sajid British Health Minister said. France being the latest to suspend travel from these African countries.

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