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Nutrition Tips To Keep The Immune System Strong For People with HIV-AIDS.

Just as kwashiorkor patients have to put more effort in eating foods that contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals, HIV/ AIDs patients on the other hand are also supposed to follow the same track.

Taking a proper care of your health and eating foods that have positive impact on your health as a HIV positive patient can provide you with improvement of the immune system. Below are the healthy foods that HIV positive patients needs to eat frequently to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


•Leafy greens.


•Cooked eggs.

The foods above Should be regularly consumed by HIV positive patients because they are rich in vitamin A, B and beta carotenes. These substances may help in terms of repairing cells that are damaged in the body. Oranges and guava on the other hand, Should also be consumed in large quantity because they are rich in vitamin C, which aid in the maintenance of a strong immune system.

Thank you so much for your time. Please be sure to share this information with your family, friends, neighbors and all your loved ones, without forgetting to follow me for more educative health contents. 


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