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Five Memory Disaster That Can Stop You From Enjoying a Clear, Sharp Memory and Good Brain Health

1. Low levels of the brain chemical acetylcholine, a molecule that carries memory messages from one brain cell to another. The warning signs that you could be low in acetylcholine include having more senior moments or forgetfulness, blanking out on names even though you know the face, and having fewer creative thoughts when you need them.

And if you’re older or a vegetarian, research shows that you’re even more likely to be deficient in brain nutrients. Independent tests show that even if you’re taking a daily multivitamin, the skimpy amounts of nutrients they contain just can’t keep up with the damage!

2. Over-activated microglia cells in the brain due to aging. When microglia cells – your brain’s natural “garbage collectors” – can’t turn themselves off, they disrupt normal memory and mental functioning by actually causing inflammation. Too much cellular debris accumulates in the brain because the over-activated microglia cells aren’t able to do their job.

3. Not enough fuel to the brain in the form of glucose. This is due to a lack of insulin sensitivity of brain cells and imbalanced levels of blood sugar. Too much blood sugar damages brain cells and leads to insulin resistance. But, too little blood sugar doesn’t bring enough glucose fuel to your brain.

4. Not enough blood flow and oxygen to the brain. The aging brain has about 20% less blood flow than younger people’s brains. Not enough blood flow and oxygen will reduce both your mental thinking and your memory.

5. Too much iron in the brain. Excess iron in your brain damages brain cells and tissue. The biggest mistake you can make with your memory now is to believe that a good diet and a multivitamin will keep you from memory loss. In fact, multivitamins with iron can actually make it worse!

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