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How Covid-19 is Changing our Lifestyle

The Covid-19 pandemic is an ongoing global pandemic, which has successful changed how humans interact in all aspects. In December 2019, the virus was first identified in a small city known as Wuhan, in China. It was later declared a pandemic by World Health Organization in March 2020. The severity of the disease varies a lot with some cases life-threatening.

Preventive Measures

This includes practicing social distancing, putting on masks while in public, hand sanitizing, cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing, and self-isolation if you have been in contact with infected persons. There are several other measures put in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

Economic Disruption

Covid-19 has led to severe economic disruption of all countries globally. As a result, a widespread shortage of goods and services has occurred in many places. To begin with, learning institutions have either been partial or fully closed, with many opting for online sessions.


People with underlying conditions are the immediate victims to succumb to Covid-19. The number however varies by region. Other factors such as treatment options, age, and government response also contribute to the above subject matter.

How Humanity is coping with Covid-19 Pandemic

Many countries around the world are still actively fighting the pandemic with strict restrictions. Kenya for example has implemented strict lockdown policies in areas classified as hot spots of the disease. From the beginning, it was not clear if Kenyans would cope, however, it seems there was no much of a choice for fellow netizens, other than to adhere. The tourism industry has been hit hard with many businesses around the country have closed down. Many business owners have opted to change their businesses.




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