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Physical Exercise and Bodybuilding

All body sizes are beautiful right? What about our health?

You must have seen or heard this all over social media that we should let people be; all bodies whatever size they're,they are beautiful and we should stop body shaming

Well that was a good move,I mean no one should feel uncomfortable with themselves because someone told them "you're big,cut some weight or you look like a pig" that would be quite insensitive and disrespectful

But is this campaign causing more harm than good?

A study conducted in Nairobi shows that more and more people are becoming obese and overweight and it's alarming

With increased income,change of lifestyle, social media influencers ,lack of enough time to cook healthy meals, ignorance, wanting to belong to a certain class the trend of adding weight rapidly is worrying

With the support on platforms like instagram, Facebook ;people are finding comfort to just be comfortable with being overweight in the name of"plus size bodies are also beautiful". Well you see I have no problem with people accepting themselves,but let's ask ourselves of the risk we're putting ourselves and those around us when we gain weight unnecessarily and do nothing about it

Overweight and obesity is related to many health issues like ; diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and a high risk of developing cancers just to mention a few

We're to accept and embrace our bodies but also maintain them well to perform the efficient functions they're designed to

We should strive to maintain a healthy body weight by eating the correct foods and in right proportions, having regular exercise regimes,go for health check ups whenever possible, avoid unnecessary stress and get advise from professionals concerning health matters

The burden of being overweight is too much as it lowers your self esteem,reduces your efficiency in whatever field you're working and has a great financial, emotional, physical and social constraints on the healthcare system and society at large.

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