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Reasons As to Why You Should Stop From Using These Type Of Medication

Why modern medicine is a major threat to public health | Aseem Malhotra |  The Guardian

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Most patients prefer medications that can fast relieve their pain and so they go for stronger medication even without considering side effects. Others even go as far as ignoring the physician's advice and proceed to use such drugs.

Recently the government has raised eyebrows over the use of diclofenac because of more side effects and after-use damage to the patient's body than benefits.

The following are reasons why you should avoid using diclofenac as a pain reliever. Those who use this drug regularly and for a long period are facing the risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke.

Pharmacy and poisons board has advised patients with a history of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, or brokerage to the blood vessel or had an operation of the same be not recommended in the use of diclofenac.

Those who smoke, suffer from diabetes, or have blood pressure should be examined by a doctor to advise whether they can use the drug.

Those who are on long-term use of diclofenac have been advised to be reviewed by a doctor to ascertain if it is safe for them to continue using the medication.

Even though the board has announced the stoppage of using diclofenac, has also advised the patients on the medication not to stop taking the medication until they consult their physicians.

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