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What You May Not Know About Green Apples.

Health Benefits of Green Apples

Green Apples are as healthy as the red ones.However they are slightly sour than the red apples and they also come with different varieties which can also have slightly different tastes.

Green apples offer a lot of healthy and beauty benefits.Some of the amazing benefits of green apples include the following:

Promotes digestive health

Green apples have a high fiber have a higher fiber content which helps in increasing the body's metabolism.When consuming an apple make sure you wash it very well with clean water and consume it with the skin because it's the skin that contains antioxidants and nutrients.Also the high dietary fiber is linked to lowering LDL cholesterol hence promoting heart benefits.

Good for bones

Green apples are quite rich in calcium content therefore eating a green apple everyday can strengthen your bones and teeth.

Low in Fat

They are low in fat content and helps in maintaining good blood flow in the body.Improved circulation which can prevent heart diseases and strokes.

They are also a rich source of Vitamin K which gives them ability to heal blood clots.

Fights Againt Ageing

Green apples help in slowing down the ageing process and enhance overall beauty.They also help in proper nourishment of the skin and eliminates dark circles.

Rich source of Vitamin A and C

The vitamin A in green apples is almost twice in that of a red apples.Vitamin A content helps in maintaining good vision.

Vitamin C keeps the skin cells away from getting damaged by free radicals and also decreases the rist of skin cancer.

Other benefits include:

Green apples may help to protect your brain.

They may protect against stomach injury from Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs.

They contain flavonoids and quercetin compounds that help to fight asthma.

They can be good for weight Loss.

They are linked to lower risk of diabetes because they contain a lower glycemic index and sugar compared to that of red apples.

They contain substances that may help prevent cancer.

As the saying goes" An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Content created and supplied by: @HealthKenya (via Opera News )

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