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Home Remedy For Common Cold During Cold Seasons Using Ginger

The cold weather comes about with common cold,flu and cough.Common cold is a viral infection that affects the throat and nose with the symptoms including pain in the muscles,sneezing, running nose,fever and chest congestion.It can be self-medicated through some home remedies such as ginger.

Ginger is a rhizome which is considered to be the most effective herb because of its medicinal health properties.It is the best in both curing and preventing common cold.Read on the benefits of ginger for treating cold during cold season.

1.Detox the body

It is important for the body to get rid of toxic waste.Ginger roots are very effective in clearing nasal congestion and maintaining a good pH level which decongest the pressure in the chest(bronchitis).

2.Reduces Inflammation

During cold weather, people are likely to be infected with the common cold virus since it's viral.It normally starts with an inflammation in the throat.Ginger is so useful in the treatment of inflammation.It is the best natural antibiotics.

3. Boost immune system

For people who suffer from allergies caused by cold weather can exercise drinking or having ginger in their tea or meals.Ginger has very powerful minerals which when absorbed in the body,it prevents sicknesses that is cold related.

4. Strengthen the body

Brewing tea with ginger is well known for managing common cold,coughs and flu.Ginger has an active ingredient called gingerol that fights and strengthens the body from within giving an instant relief.

This wonder herb can be used in making smoothies,brewing tea,taken as a shot or chewed.This is the home remedy for making ginger tea.

Take a piece of ginger (half a finger),put it in a pan with two cups of water.Bring it to boil then add tea leaves,stir then add milk.Keep stirring and leave it to boil.You can add sugar or honey(optional).

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