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See What Muranga County Has Done In 19 Days

The money that was was supposed to be used to fight corona virus seems to be used in other unnecessary thing.

However in just 19 days Muranga county has managed to build an ICU with 35 beds inside.This is very impressive, considering some counties have done nothing.

Mwangi Was Iria said the facility was urgently needed to serve Covid-19 patients who may require intensive care across the larger Mt Kenya region.

Here is the ICU that was in Muranga

Just yesterday's report of how 40billion given to kenya by the world health organisation was to fight cirona virus was used, they say amongnothe things 2 million was used to buy airtime while 4 million was used for tea and snacks.

Kenyans we fast to reply on thus shocking revelation in a time where things are reallybhard for most people.Here are some of the reactions

Its ironical that GoK spent 4 million on tea and snacks in a period of one month while it's citizens have nothing to eat evidently after a woman cooked stones for supper," Lesterweed Junior said.

"It's no longer funny when the MoH spends a whopping 4 million on tea and snacks when such huge amounts of money should be invested in PPEs, testing kits and ventilators," Mwangi Maina opined.

"Four million on tea and snacks. And then there are Kenyans citizens who cannot afford a meal,leave alone two square meals a day," Saru wondered.

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