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Uganda Exports 400KG Of BHANG To Germany

The Government of Uganda is thinking outside of the box in its move to boost its economy. This is because reports have surfaced that Uganda exports Cannabis to foreign countries.

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Since the Legalization of Marijuana in most parts of Europe and America, Ugandan Government has moved with speed to take advantage of the economic benefits that come with it.

Last week, Uganda exported 400 kilogrammes of medical marijuana to Germany. This is the fourth delivery to foreign countries since the government permitted the business.

It is said that A kilogramme of Medical Cannabis (MC) costs around 4,300 Euros equivalent to approximately 18 million Ugandan Shillings. Reports of the product have claimed to be effective in treating a wide range of deadly diseases cancer included.

A section of Kenyans on social media have expressed different views majority of them saying that their prayers are being answered in a different country. Many people want the Government of Kenya to also take advantage of the economic benefits that bang will bring into the country and legalise it.

According to reports, East Africa could be the largest distributor of marijuana if bhang is legalised. This could inject more than 14 billion shillings into our economy. Thank you for reading please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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