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Are Your Kidneys Safe? Start Doing This Today.

The kidney's job is to filter out harmful substances and for most alcohol is top on the list.This is because many people take alcohol with over 80% of people worldwide over the age of 18 admitting to it.

Alcohol dehydrates the body leading to the normal functioning of cells and hormones in the body to be affected.

This disruption makes the kidney to work harder to carry out its duties and if one drinks too much and too often,the kidney is slowly destroyed with the risk of added damage increasing with time.

Chronic kidney disease is the only result of this constant abuse and will lead to your body not having any filter for harmful substances. So, watch how much you drink for the good of your kidneys.The less the better.

The second substance to avoid consuming in large quantities is coffee which contains caffeine a stimulant which leads to the increase of blood in the body.

This also leads to an increase in blood pressure which increases the stress on the kidneys leading it to over work.For you to ensure the normal working of your kidneys regulate how much coffee you take so as to protect your kidneys as much as possible.

3. The third substance to regulate in your every day life is sugar.Excess sugar in your body is spilled into your urine and the more is spilled the more your kidney has to deal with.

If your kidney is not working well it creates a problem leading to kidney damage.Regulate the sugar you take to ensure better working and reduction of stress on the kidneys.

4.The fourth substance that you need to ensure that you regulate in your body is water.Water is essential for your kidneys to work well as it enables the toxins and wastes to be flushed from your body.

When you take too little water your body will not be able to effectively get rid of the waste in your body system.

That is why it is always advised to take as much water as is necessary as it helps your body function properly.For the health of your kidney ensure you take the recommended amount of water daily.

5.The last thing that you should totally avoid doing is holding urine as it causes urinary tract infections due to the build up of bacteria.

It also is harmful to your body as it may lead to the formation of kidney stones because of the high mineral content in urine which contains uric acid and calcium oxalate.

The build up of oxalate can form crystals which can lead to kidney stones forming.To prevent this from happening you should watch how much protein you take, decrease your salt intake and drinking as much fluids as possible.

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