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How to get over an ex lover

Exes can be hard to forget, let alone live without especially if you've dated or been with the person for a long period of time. One may sink into depression after a relationship is cut short and getting over the person is twice as hard and painful. The following are some of the ways to get over an ex ;

1. Delete their contact

One of the most effective ways of getting over an ex is by deleting their contact from your phone. This could mean their number or unfollowing them from social media platforms that you know they are active in. This will ensure that you have a peaceful space and time while going through the Break-up. Constantly viewing what they doing in life could take you back to the times when you were together end negate your growth. It is therefore wise to delete the phone numbers and to cut short any interaction through social media that could influence your space and Peace.

2. Direct your focus to other things

Directing your focus to other things means finding something else to do or to engage in to distract yourself from the Break-Up. This usually refers to hobbies, talents and maybe other activities like hitting the gym and applying for dance classes that will keep your mind engaged and busy therefore making you available for healing and growth. Trying to stay on the same page for too long can affect your growth negatively. Therefore sometime after the break up , find time to do other things and concentrate on those things to keep your mind occupied and ready to move on.

3. Let go of the memories and things that remind you of the person

This is one of the most difficult part of moving on. This is because it means forgetting an experience that you once thought would last forever. It means moving away from a fantasy to a reality that you had not anticipated for. This could be through deleting pictures of you together ,videos , chats and anything that takes you back to the time that you two were together. It also means getting rid of material things that bind the two of you together like framed pictures, gifts and clothes that you know will take you back to the good times that you had together.

4. Try to talk to someone

As mentioned earlier breakups are an issue of mental health and in that scenario could mess up your mental health and cause depression and anxiety within you. It is therefore recommended that you talk about your feelings and your thoughts to someone in order to clear your mind. It's therapeutic to do this and it will mean accepting what has happened and expressing how you feel about what has happened. It also means embracing the fact that you want to move on and start a new chapter without that person. This is a mental health check up and is a form of therapy.

5. Work on yourself

Breakups and not the end of the world. There is life after a breakup. There is hope and dreams and expectations after a breakup. Therefore, after acceptance of the fact that the two of you have broken up it is necessary and advisable that you work on yourself and invest in your emotions. This could be by doing your favourite things like reading books, going for nature walks, hitting the gym, recording videos and other things that different people find interesting to do and that make them happy. Investing more in yourself will help you find someone worth in yourself even after you felt like you are broken beyond repair.

6. Don't rush the process

The final point is not to rush the process. Rushing the process will lead to a repeat of the same breakup within a few weeks or months. It means moving on without actually accepting what happened and without having built and improved yourself.

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