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Why You Should Eat White Sweet Potatoes More Than The Red Sweet Potatoes

White sweet potatoes are very sweet and delicious but not really common. They are mostly found in cold places and they are liked by many due to its benefits in the overall healthy.The white sweet potatoes variety tend to be less sweeter in taste than the traditional orange-fleshed sweet potato, but still highly beneficial.

The nutritional value of sweet potatoes such as purple and Japanese sweet potatoes is that they are an excellent source of vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin E. They also greatly provide potassium, dietary fiber, iron, copper, manganese and are very low in cholesterol and fat.

Sweet potatoes are also greatly rich in antioxidants like carotenoids and polyphenols which give the different varieties of sweet potato their distinctive colors.

Here is Why you should consume white sweet potatoes more.

It can help you manage diabetes.Sweet potatoes are in a category of carbohydrates. White potatoes contain a high ratio of amylose to amylopectin and amylose slowly raises blood sugar . This is the major reason why white sweet potatoes have a moderate glycemic index and are considered safe for diabetic people. In a study done of several type 2 diabetes patients, an extract of white sweet potato skin decreased their cholesterol levels .

They can prevent you from heart disease.The white sweet potatoes gives you a good heart healthy due to its vitamin B which helps in breaking down homocysteine; which is a compound that accelerates oxidative damage to the blood vessels. It is also high in potassium that is friendly to the heart.

It may give you a health skin and air.White sweet potatoes have a high Vitamin A content, along with a decent Vitamin C content, that helps with the offset of major oxidative stress resulting from sun exposure and promoting enhanced synthesis of collagen which is very essential in skin and connective tissue health.

Helps in digestive health. Sweet white potatoes have insoluble fiber that is known as resistant starch and it is an effective prebiotic. Prebiotics acts as substances that helps to reduce the bacteria living in the gut thus giving you health digestive system and easy bow movement.

White Sweet potatoes have alot of Nutrients take them always. Thank you.

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