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Why Women Are Hit Hard by Depression

According to research most depressed people are ladies who spend days inside their houses and especially in rented houses which demand monthly payment. The recent incident about the Kitengela lady who lost her job and resulted to stay a silent life and inside her rented house, resulting to be the mastermind behind the death of young child Nzembi is a reflection of the state at which people are going in mental health and into crime.

The lady is said to have been operating from her house and nobody had a clue of her evil activities. This is a reflection of the many women who are silently suffering. Due to depression they are forced to engage to heinous activities and which end up landing them into trouble.

Since the pandemic started there has been increased number of people seeking medication on mental health. This is a wake up call on mental health sensitization and what people should do before it gets worse. Seeking help should be made a normal thing and departments dealing with the issue inteoduced in public hospitals. In schools too mental health should be prioritized and it is affecting people at all stages of growth.

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