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You should do this before the end of the year

You should do this things before the end of the yearand for sure you will thank me latter.

work out

According to world health organisation working out at least 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of many chronic diseases,like cancer and diebetics.Try to work out at least 30 menutes a day and for sure you will stay away from the hospital.

Read three entrepreneurial books

The best education you can have to survive in the world of today,is financial education,find this knowledge in books and enlighten yourself

Take responsibility

You're the only person who know yourself better, not your parents, the Government or your friends. Avoid blaming other people for your own fault, this life is yours,you either create it or destroy it, take full responsibility.

Invest in yourself

Avoid things that waste your time,like porn,Netflix and others.Focus on building your skills and relationship with people who empower you

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