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CDC Investigating Threat That The Covid-19 Vaccine Has These Deadly Side Effects On Young Adults

Covid-19 situation in the world is under control after the development of various types of vaccines by different companies which have aided in reducing the deadly impacts of the virus.

Several people around the world have received the Covid-19 jabs, which has opened up some of the countries abroad who are enjoying walking around freely without face masks on.

However, there is some tension about some of the side effects brought about the vaccines on young adults and adolescents.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) through Fox News reports, a number of young adults and adolescents have been reported to experience heart problems after getting their jabs.

It is claimed that the mRNA vaccines made by Moderna and Pfizer BioNTech are the major causative of this deadly side effects experienced.

These effects have been reported to be more in males than females after they get their second dose of the vaccines.

However, the CDC are still urging people to get vaccinated because this side effects are only mild and do usually resolve by their own as time goes by.

We should continue keeping safe, stay at home and adhere to the protocols put in place by the Government and Ministry of Health.

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