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How to use Tissue paper in Toilet to Avoid itching that may occur after using it

Most people experience itching after using the tissue paper in washroom after the empty their bowels. The following steps will guide you on how to use the tissue paper in order to avoid itching that may occur later.

It is advisable for everyone to remain seated during the wiping process.

1. Using enough tissue paper, reach out your butt while leaning besides your cheek. Commence the wiping process with a pointer, middle and the ring finger where you apply moderate pressure with a continues speed from back to front. Repeat the process until at least 50% of the remnants appears on the tissue.

2. The second step is to use a slightly small tissue paper and follow the above procedure but using slightly increased pressure while wiping. The process continues until small amount of remnants appears on the tissue paper used.

3. Here, use one square folded tissue to whip but using significant pressure with an increase speed.

4. Using tissue paper, press the pad of your finger into the opening from back to front repeatedly until little to no remnants appears on the tissue paper.

5. Use water to wipe following the above procedure until no remnants appears. Wiping using water will ensure no remnants are reduced any form of odor and itching that may occur.

The last step is to wash your hands using soap and running water.


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