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CS Mutahi Kagwe Finally Hints At Loosening The Following Covid19 Containment Measures

Covid19 pandemic caused a lot of abnormalities in the way Kenyans were behaving as it led to introduction of unpopular measures to contain the spread of infection. It affected our economy a lot as funds meant for other development was diverted to health sector and also the imposition of lock downs affected many people who defended on business for daily living.

Through Nairobi leo verified facebook page, Mutahi Kagwe who is the Cabinet secretary in charge of health has hinted that he is ready to loosen some of the containment measures gradually as we are going forward. He was quoted;

"May be we are developing hard immunity slowly and as we do that, we don't have to create a police state where people are beaten for not wearing masks in public."

This means face masks might no longer be compulsory but that will not mean we have defeated the virus completely. Continue keeping safe for your personal gains.

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