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5 ways to lose weight at home without having to exercise

Staying indoors during this Covid 19 pandemic has obviously brought along lots of weight gain to many people.Those who were already overweight are now at the verge of becoming obese and those who were at healthy weight cannot say the same now.Here are the top simple ways to help you lose weight even as this pandemic continues to wear on.

1.Drink a lot of water

This is very easy since all homes have clean water,keeping hydrated helps you lose weight.Research has shown that drinking at least 2 glasses of water before meals can help you lose up to 5-15%of initial body weight.

2.Practice intermittent fasting

This is an eating pattern characterized by periods of eating and periods of fasting in cycles.The main way this helps in weight loss is that it reduces the overall amount of calories you take without necessarily having to limit yourself on how much you eat during the eating periods.It also has other health benefits aside from weight loss.

3.Drink unsweetened coffee(No sugar additives)

Coffee is a favorite drink to many a people especially during this cold season.Well, aside from keeping you up,active and warm to read into the nights, it is also loaded with antioxidants to reduce chances of getting cancer as well as increasing your energy levels which results to an increase in the amount of calories you burn.Black unsweetened coffee helps a lot in weight loss in that it makes one feel full thus reducing the amount of food they take.

4.Take Lemons

Lemon is a fruit in the group of citrus fruits,taking lemon water due to their low calorie contents results in weight loss.Thus for example you could swap your high calorie drink such as beverages and juice for lemon water and marvel at the results if you want to cut on weight.

5.Avoid processed foods

For one, these foods contain addd sugars which have are very high calorific value.Secondly processed foods are made so as to increase your appetite this results in eating lots of food hence gaining weight.Instead focus on eating whole unprocessed foods that have high filling ability to mean you will eat just enough and have no added sugars or fats.

Being overweight may predispose one to obesity and other very dangerous disease states such as diabetes and heart conditions, watch your weight and stay health especially during this pandemic.Try the method above in your daily life and se the results.Remember to leave a comment on this and any other public health related topics you would like me to write on in the comment section below.

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