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What Happens If You Don't Receive The Second Covid-19 Vaccine After Receiving The First One

From the reports issued by the ministry of health concerning Covid-19 vaccines is that this vaccines must be taken twice in order to offer full protection against Covid-19 infections.

Those receiving the vaccines for the first time should ensure that they go for the second during the recommended period of time. This is because the first vaccine only offers 40% of the protection and the second one offers 90% and above of the protection against Covid-19.

Therefore even if you receive the first vaccine, make sure you continue protecting yourself against this virus by adhering to all protocols given by the ministry of health. The immune system of your body will be stronger once you go for the second Covid-19 vaccine.

It is therefore the responsibility of everyone to ensure that we continue protecting ourselves and educate people in the society that getting the first vaccine won't prevent you from contracting this virus.

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