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Painful Confession: My Family Hates me Because I am HIV Positive, Nobody Wants to Associate with Me

Sometimes we lose control of what happens in our lives. We may decide to sleep at a given time and plan on how we shall wake up the next day. However, we have no control of whether we will breath again or whether we will be healthy. This is something that remains a secret to the Almighty God. Imagine spending your life knowing you are healthy only to wake up one day to realise that you actually carry a deadly virus?

We met Anastacia Muthoni Wangu, a single lady from Nyahururu, Kenya. She is a living testimony as a HIV/AIDS survivor who has faced stigma and discrimination in it's full application.

According to Muthoni, She grew up like a normal child and even got married normally. She was always faithful to her husband and never cheated for even a second. He loved his family and always prayed that they in peace untill death do them part.

However, Muthoni was a frequent victim of small diseases. She could get cuts that never healed and even at some point develop weird wounds in her private parts. One day, he decided to visit the hospital for testing. To her disappointment, she was found to be HIV positive.

When she first got the news, Muthoni thought that it was her husband who had infected her. She awoken a sleeping lion in her husband when she first told him about her health. From this point, the husband started beating her brutally and even chased her away.

She decided to run away to her home, where her biological parents lived. In the meantime, she came with her 7 year old son.. At the gate, her father turned her away saying that there was no way he could live with a dying daughter.

Her mother and brother couldn't spare her either. According to her sad testimony, they gave her a room that was used by animals and her she and her son had to sleep with goats and sheep.

What worried her most is how her own mother rejected and mistreated her because of her condition. She used to serve her food at the same plate with a cat.

Her search for peace has been in vein. Everyone around her has been informed by her brothers and sisters that she is a "living dead" as she explains. Stigma and rejection has been her daily food. She has tried several times to commit suicide but unsuccessfully. Today, she cannot speak to anyone in her family because they think she can infect them with the deadly disease. The call her a slut and never want to be close to her.Stignatization is criminal and should be condemned in all possible means. It is a leading cause of deaths among suicide cases reported worldwide. As a matter of fact, HIV is not a death sentence. People survive as long as those without the virus. Love those with the virus and give them whatever they need. They are people as well.

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