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Save Your Money For Poultry Antibiotics by Using This Freely Available Remedy

Poultry farming may seem to be the easiest farming practice but it's more expensive to maintain. For a higher survival rate, the health status of the birds has to be put into consideration by ensuring a hygienic environment and proper disease and parasites control.

Tobacco leaves have been known to be poisonous to dogs and it's addictive to human beings when smoked. On the other hand, it has the massive positives for it can be used as an antibiotic in poultry farming.

To prepare a sample, pluck the fresh leaves from the tobacco plant and clean them to remove the unnecessary dust.

Put the leaves in a mortar and, using pestle, crush them to form a paste. Empty the paste into a muslin bag and squeeze the juice out into a container.

To the juice produced, add water in a 1:4 ratio and put it into the chicken drinkers. Since a way of preservation hasn't been discovered, you'll have to prepare a sample on daily basis.

This should be administered to birds as a prevention measure and as a curative in case there's an outbreak.

Take a trial and share your experiences with us. This can boost poultry farming hence economy growth.

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