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Restrictions May Be Eased And Learning Institutions Re-opened After Today's Covid-19 Updates

Photo courtesy:Mutahi Kagwe.

Good Evening gentleman and ladies,today's is another day of daily briefs as the ministry of health updates Kenyans on the positivity rate on covid 19.The CS health Mutahi Kagwe has said that over the last 24 hours the positivity rate has reduced to 11.2 percent.

This results have been received well by most kenyans as they hope that the restrictions will be eased soon.This restrictions moreso in 'red zoned areas' may be removed following the fact that the curve is flattening after today's positivity rate.

Kenyans now hope that the CS Mutahi kagwe will consider and hear their cry over easing of the movement restrictions and curfew hours reduction.People are hoping that soon they will resume their daily chores of working in and out of the locked counties after the removal of restrictions.

However people should continue washing their hands,avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth and covering there mouth and nose when sneezing as this will help in protecting oneself and others.

These are some reactions from kenyans.

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