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Here Is Why You Should Never Remove Your Ear Wax

For many people, earwax is among the more annoying things in the world. You put your finger in your ear, feel earwax, and then immediately look for ways to get rid of it. 

Unfortunately, this probably isn’t a good idea. Researchers and practitioners now have substantial evidence to suggest that digging damages ears and can lead to tinnitus. 

Is it necessary to clear ear wax?

Most people do not require to clear ear wax. There are self-cleansing mechanisms in the outer ear canal that push the shredded skin out of the ear

Clearing ear wax with cotton buds, ear pick or other pointed objects may push ear wax further inside the ear canal, causing obstruction, ear discomfort and hearing problem. Attempt to clear ear canal by oneself may cause injury to the skin of the external ear canal, or even rupture of the eardrum and injury to the middle ear if one falls during cleansing.Picking the ear with a contaminated object is a common cause of outer ear infection (otitis externa). 

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