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Dangerous habits while taking antibiotics you should stop.

In the next 50- 60 years the world might be at the mercy of bacterias if we do not take caution as early as now. Most antibiotic medications we used some years back have become less effective and some are not working at all, this danger has been brought about by antibiotic resistance. When a bacterium infection persists after improper treatment it develops new stronger strains and acquires better survival mechanisim to resist any other treatment: this is what we call antibiotic resistance. It is one of the major world's health concern which should be addressed immediately. Doctors and all persons generally have played a role in this problem.

Bacterial diseases are a big problem as more strains of bacterias keep cropping up. Bacterias are responsible for many deaths and are risk factors for other diseases, for example Helicobacter pyroli is a risk factor for stomach cancer and Polyposis coli can result to colon cancer. This gives you an idea as to why this is a major concern.

Cautious measures to take to fight this;

1) Avoid treatment of viral infections with antibiotics as this makes the bacterias resistance. Do not buy antibiotics over the counter without any evidence that you have a bacteria infection. Make sure your antibiotics prescription is from the hospital. Antibiotics do not cure viral infections but make them worse, cause other harmful effects, does not cure and also promote resistance.

2) Finish up dosage: the aim of the drugs is destroying the bacterias. When you take half a dose the bacterias remaining come up with better survival mechanisim hence resistance. Under doses of antibiotics result to other serious infections, make recovery hard and become more expensive with subsequent treatments.

3) Do not share antibiotics prescribed to someone else just because you think you have a similar infection. When you do not feel well, see a doctor and get tested before prescription of antibiotics.

4) Some bacterial diseases require vaccination so make sure you have had them including; for diphtheria and pertussis.

5) Take caution to prevent catching bacterial infections. Avoid contaminated food, wash hands regularly and ensure proper hygiene. This is from a Biochemist point of view please adhere.

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