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6 Things You Should Never Do When On Your Period

During period, there are some certain things that should be avoided as they can cause more pain. They are the routine things that should not be done as they cause harm to your health. Here is a list of things that should be refrained from doing when on period.

1. Don't feed on salty foods- Salty foods can actually make your period symptoms worse. This is because during shark, there is a lot of water retention and noticeable bloating hence eating salty foods will only aggregate this bloating and worsen the period cramps.

2. Don't eat or drink dairy products- Eating or drinking dairy products will make you feel more gassy. This has nothing to do with your tolerance to dairy products but has everything to do with your hormones. Therefore, avoid dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter to avoid irritable bowel and cramping.

3. Do not have unprotected intercourse- Blood is a great carrier for viruses and other bacteria. Having unprotected intercourse during period may make the blood act against you by carrying dangerous virus in it. Besides, unprotected intercourse is never a good idea. This is ovulation and bleeding could be happening at the same time hence risk of getting unplanned pregnancy.

4. Don't pull on all nighter- Getting inadequate sleep during period can increase the stress hormone (cortisol) in the body. This increased level of stress can make your period a bad experience for you.

5. Don't indulge on caffeine- Caffeine can increase the degree of your cramps hence making you feel more irritated. Therefore, during period, keep coffee away from you.

6. Don't get yourself waxed- The pain receptors are extra sensitive when on your period. This makes a tiny little pinch on your arm make you scream out loud. On a different note, don't skin your works, avoid smoking and don't let your pad or tampon stay in for more than 4 hours.

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