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8 Ancient Medical Treatment That Should Stay in the Past Forever

In ancient times, peoples used strange treatment methods. Some of these methods were very dangerous. According to research, these are some of the ancient treatment methods.

Toothache was treated with smoking goat fat

In ancient times, people had the knowledge of making dental fillings and prostheses. According to research, a human tooth was found in Italy which had 14,000 years life span.

During these times, smoking the patient was used by a burning mixture of goat fat, henbane, and onion as a dental treatment. When they needed to get of toothache, they were to catch a toad at midnight, split its mouth, and recite special words for their healing.

Mothers delivered babies standing or sitting on their haunches

In ancient India, people had a way of changing the position of foetus in the uterus. Some African ethnic groups performed cesarean factor using their primitive instruments. As times went by, midwives became underdeveloped, thus a lot of women and newborns died during their delivery.

They used juniper and mandrake extracts as anesthesia

During ancient times, ancestors had something that acted as anesthesia which was used in surgery. In ancient Mesopotamia, alcohol and opium was used by doctors to relieve pain to patients. In ancient Egypt, extracts were prepared from mandrake fruits. India and China used by juniper, cannabis, and aconite. These agents were used by an anesthetic.

Chronic diseases were treated with physical exercise and holy water

Hippocrates believed that epilepsy was caused by the will of God.  People who had epilepsy were possessed by demons, thus they were treated with prayers and holy water.

Diabetic people were treated with physical exercise and healing herbs. However, this bore no results, thus they all died. In ancient times, people believed that skin diseases like psoriasis were incurable. So, patients had to wear a bell as a warning to others to keep away from them.

Almost all diseases were treated with bloodletting

Bloodletting was mostly used in India and Arabic countries. During the ancient times, people believed that blood contained blood humors. So, they had a mentality that the blood humors could cure the patient.

They used snake venom and poisonous herbs

In ancient Egypt, people used cannabis, opium, and henbane. Some ancient doctors added dried snakes and scorpions to these portions.

They practised skull trephination

Drastic measures were used to cure headaches, epilepsy, and other psychological disorders. The ancient doctors drilled holes in the skull of patients. This method was mostly used during the ancient American civilization and during the Renaissance era.

A tobacco smoke enema was a very popular treatment

Tobacco smoke enema was used to treat digestion methods, somnolence, stomach cramps, and parasites. This ancient method was adopted from North American Indiana. However,after they found out that tobacco contained poisonous nicotine, the enema came out of fashion.

Which ancient medical method do you know? You may comment, share, and remember to follow me.

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