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Is Smoking Healthy? Meet a 118 Years Old Woman From Nepal who Has Been Smoking Since She was 17

On 31st May, it was the world cigarettes day. Various nations used the day to educate and sensitize their citizens especially the smokers on the effects of cigarettes on the health of an individual. In Kenya, the cigarette addicts said it's not easy for someone to withdraw from addiction since it is accompanied with mild body weaknesses, headache and to some extent a person may develop long-term withdrawal symptoms.

The World Health Organization has mentioned cigarette as one of the deadly substance that has claimed many lives into graves. The tar substance in cigarette causes lung cancer and reddish lips. The goverments of the world have tried to regulate the consumption of cigarettes by imposing heavy tax levies making it a little expensive than other consumers commodities. However, this has not been easy since the cigarette users have continued to buy without complaining the cost.

Batuli Lamichhane aged 118 years from Nepal has accredited her long life to her cigarette smoking habit. Batuli says that she started smoking when she was on a teenage at 17. This means that she has smoked for more than 95 years. In a single day, Batuli smokes up to 30 cigarettes.

According to her, cigarette has enabled to outlive the folks and even her own children who are long dead. However, Batuli advises people to use a traditional cigarette but not the manufactured from industry as this one contains chemicals which are poisonous in the body.

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