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Chew the garlic clove every day for one week, give your teeth & gums the following benefits

Say no more to brown teeth and bleeding gums. The good news is, you can use garlic to whiten your teeth and stop your gums from bleeding anymore.Brown teeth gives you a bad look and smiling is always a struggle when around people due to feeling of embarrassment.Now that you want to restore your smile and look presentable, why don't you do the following using the garlic for you to arrive at that.

Garlic has an acidic compound known as allicin that is capable of removing the brown coating layer on the teeth thus recovering their shiny white colour. In addition to this, the allicin has antibacterial properties that kills the bacteria and fungi causing the bleeding in the gums.

All you have to do is take a properly peeled and cleaned garlic clove into your mouth. Chew it gently making sure that it is in contact with your teeth and gums.

Do it for five to ten minutes everyday for one week and the results will not disappoint.

If you are allergic to garlic, I suggest you look for alternative remedies such as clinical dental services.

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