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Treatment of chickenpox

Chickenpox is a mild and common childhood illness that most children catch at some point.

It causes a rash of red, itchy spots that turn into fluid-filled blisters. They then crust over to form scabs which eventually drop off.

Some children have only a few spots but in others they can cover the entire body. The spot's are most likely to appear on face, ears and scalp, under the arms, and legs.

Chickenpox is caused by a virus called the vuricella-zoster virus. It's spread quickly and easily through the coughs and sneezes of someone who is infected.

Chickenpox is most common in children under 10. In fact, chickenpox is so common in childhood that 90% of adults are immune to the condition because they have had it before.

Chickenpox is most infectious from one to two days before the rash starts, until all the blisters have crusted over.

If your child has chickenpox try to keep him or her away from public areas to avoid contact with people who have not had it. Especially people who are at risk of serious problems, such as newborn babies, pregnant women and anyone with a weakened immune system for example people having cancer treatment or taking steroid tablets

Chickenpox in children is considered a mild illness, but expect your children to feel pretty miserable and irritable while they have it

Your child is likely to have fever at least for the first few days of the illness the sports can be incredibly itchy.

There is no specific treatment for chickenpox but there are pharmacy remedies which can alleviate symptoms such as paracetamol to relieve fever and calamine lotion and cooling gels to ease itching. In most children, the blisters crust up and fall off naturally within one to two weeks.


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