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Woman Living With HIV Reveals Her Parents Reactions When They Found Out That She Had The Disease

Earlier today, famous HIV advocate doreen moraa moracha revealed to the public how her parents reacted after finding out that she had HIV. posting on her facebook page, the brave woman disclosed that her parents immediately baptized her at age eight after finding out.

Reacting with laughter emojis, doreen stated that their intention was to send her to heaven direct. she concluded by informing her fans that the letter m in her name stands for a miracle working god.

Born with HIV, doreen found out about her status at age thirteen. stigma and treatment fatigue made her keep it a secret and stop treatment for two years. in an interview, she further revealed that her parents did not know she had the disease until when she started getting sick. they first assumed that she was bewitched but took her to the hospital later after the condition worsened.

Doreen is now a strong HIV advocate who loves to encourage people living with HIV to accept their state and live normal lives. she is also a social media influencer and the founder of 'iam a beautiful story' youtube channel. many follow her daily for motivational purposes. we continue to wish her the best.

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