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Checkout What Happens When you Don't Follow the Correct Dosage of Taking ARVs

It is always very advisable that immediately you test positive, you seek medical attention from a physicians who will prescribe the best antiretroviral drugs for you as well as the dosage. It is always wise to start taking the antiretroviral as soon as you test positive, this will help your body to maintain a low viral load. Someone may ask that which is the importance of maintaining low viral load.What happens when you are positive and you don't take the ARVs, the virus is able to replicate at it own normal rate.In just few years the body grows so weak because of the AIDs condition. This is the condition where the body is not able to fight infections. This means that one stand a chance of getting so many diseases which end up weakening the body everyday.The ARVs helps to maintain a very low viral load and the body is able to remain strong and able to fight any infections.

When you stop taking the ARVs, the virus end up getting to their normal replication rate, this means that in just few years, the virus will have a very high load in the body and the immune of the body will so weak. It is important to note that the ARVs never cures the virus, they just help to maintain low viral load as well as giving the body more immune to remain healthy.

So that mean the time you stop taking the drugs, you will be giving the virus the power to turn the body to AIDS condition where the body can't be able to fight infections.It is very important to make sure you follow the dosage correctly has prescribed by the doctor. Mostly if you don't take the ARVs as prescribed, you will still be giving the virus the chance to replicate more. When you don't follow the right dosage the drugs are not so beneficial to the body.

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