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Men Stop Doing The Following To Maintain Your Fertility

1) Stop Smoking.

When you smoke you damage your own lungs which in turn results to difficulty in breathing. When your body cells lack enough oxygen it causes death in the cells. The cells that are responsible for reproduction will reduce thereby reducing the production of male gametes. If you continue smoking you may also become an addict and you will not be able to perform any job without smoking. Smoking can also make you sick with tuberculosis. Before it is too late quit smoking it adds no value in your body.

2) Over heating your body.

Whenever you overheat your body you make the cells die and thereby you will not be able to reproduce the male gamete. You can overheat your body by wearing too many clothes, staying in a place with very high temperature, you can also expose your body by bathing with very hot water. High temperature in your body is revealed by very painful boils popping up in your body.

3) Stop Drinking Alcohol in Excess.

Alcohol exposes your body to liver infection which may cause even death. Alcohol makes one become very weal and you will be unable to reproduce. If it is a must you drink alcohol drink it in small amounts.

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