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How to Enjoy a Healthy Life

It is everyone's dream to have a healthy body. Nobody wants to have a weak, tired and painful body. A well nourished body boost immune system.

To enjoy a healthy life aim at eating right by:

Adding more vegetables to your meals. Go for traditional vegetables like: managu, kunde, sageti and terere. Steam them instead of frying to avoid losing nutrients. If you boil vegetables drain the soup. It is rich in vitamins. Store it in the refrigerator to use as stock in other preparations.

Choosing lean meat like kienyeji chicken and fish over red meat. Ensure that you remove the skin of chicken before cooking because it contains unhealthy fats.

Cooking with oils like elianto, sunflower and olive but using them in moderation.

Switching to whole grain bread properbly brown bread. Spread your slice with nuts or avocadoinsteadof blueband, butter and cheese. You can add vegetables like steamed spinach to your sandwich to make it healthier.

Cooking ugali using whole grain maize flour. Avoid refined flour because it does not have roughage. Don't eat more than your stomach can have.

Taking your 3 major meals (breakfast, lunch and supper) and 2 snacks in between without skipping a meat daily.

Eating various foods to get different nutrients because you can not get all nutrients from one type of food.

If you follow the a bove guidelines, your body will thank you. Your immunity will strengthen naturally. Of course you should not forget drinking enough water from time to time and you should do away with alcohol and caffeine.

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