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Isaac Mwaura Speaks About The Challenges He Had To Go Through After Being Born With Albinism

Just to get a little information about Albinism. It is also called Achromasia. It is a group of inherited disorders characterised by little or no melanin production. What produces melanin is cells called melanocytes. These cells are found in the skin, hair and eyes.

One of the leaders who have been fighting for people with albinism in Kenya is Isaac Mwaura. He does not watch people mistreating Albinos and keep quiet. He speaks up. Today, he opened up about the challenges he had to go through for being born an albino.

He said that, growing up, people would pass by his grandmother's home just to stare at this 'white child.' That kidds in the neighborhood would pinch him just to see him turn red. He also added that grown-ups would slander his mother of giving birth with 'an Indian.'

People lack knowledge about Albinism and thats why they rush to mistreat them. What they don't know is that Albinos are just people like any other and only have skin condition. We have seen some relate the condition to which craft, which is very wrong.

Therefore, as Mwaura continues to fight for them, as other people, we should embrace them with a lot of love. We should never discriminate them. Feel free to share and educate someone else.


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