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Avoid Wasting Money on Poultry Vaccines if You Have This

Poultry farming is regarded as one of the most expensive project to run since it requires plenty of attention,Labour and most of the funds to purchase the drugs. They require appropriate feeds and enough space as well.

For you to minimize on the capital required, consider the following precautions and you'll smile at the results.

First of all, you've to maintain hygiene in the chicken houses. The cheapest way is by sprinkling chlorinated water in the cages twice a day kill the pathogens that may build up and transmit diseases to the birds.

Secondly, instead of purchasing vaccines, ensure sufficient supply of chlorinated water in the cages from the first day of hatching and do it on daily basis. The chlorine present in water will suppress the pathogens that may inhabit the body of the birds thus preventing their build-up. This Will save lots of cash which would have been squandered on purchasing vaccines.

Save your money and the lives of your birds as well. This might not be the only way to do so. Drop more of the ideas you have in the comments section and help others grow.

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