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Good News After Kenya Records Lowest COVID-19 Cases

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc in many countries' economies, political and social lives where everything has almost been brought up to a standstill. Countries such as India and South Africa have lately recorded an upsurge in the number of Covid-19 cases as well as fatalities.

But here in Kenya, things seem to be taking to another positive direction where cases have continued to gradually decrease since 26 March when President Uhuru Kenyatta introduced tough measures that have caused havoc in many families.

According to the latest data reported by the Ministry of Health in Kenya, the coronavirus infection curve has today decreased from 12 percent in yesterday's Covid-19 cases to 10 percent in Today's cases where only 179 people were reported to have tested positive for the Covid-19 disease in the past 24 hours.Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health through it's Acting Director General Dr Patrick Amoth has now reported that indeed the introduction of curfew and lockdowns has assisted the country in flattening its curve.

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