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5 Signs of cancer that you should not assume

1.Drastic lose of weight

Most of the people who have developing cancer lose their weight without even trying.This sign is one of the most commonly noticed at early stages of cancerous growth.

2.Getting tired most of the time

Fatigue and getting tired easily even with a simple exercise can be a sign of cancer.Rest even can't be a remedy to this symptom, therefore you should seek medical attention.

3.Abnormal bleeding

Cancer can cause bleeding in organs, tumors along your urinary tract can cause bleeding and makes blood present in you urine.

4.Anemic conditions 

Your body can have signs of anemia such as paleness inside your eye lids.Cancers such as leukemia causes anemia and you should seek medical attention when you experience such symptoms.

5.Experience of pain

Cancers such as bone cancer hurts from the beginning.Brain tumors also causes headaches that do not respond to pain killers and therefore makes you suffer from headaches for a prolonged period of time.

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