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Psychological Facts Most Of Us Don't Know.

Your personality is who you are and your attitude is based on how someone treats you. If you ever see someone having a negative attitude, then it shows that they he is surrounded by people who are full of negativity. Learn to treat each other well since they can really influence your attitude. Do not ever change your personality so that you can impress someone. Be you all the time and you will attract people having the same personality like yours.

If you don't love yourself first, you will always be chasing people who don't love you either. Self love really says alot about a person. Do not be too had on yourself. Love the people who appreciate your presence and neglect those who don't acknowledge you when you are around. You shouldn't also try to force things. If you notice that you guys aren't compatible, its good to take a break for a while rather than hurting yourself.

Everyone has three lives. The public life, private life and finally the secret life. The public life is which you always let people know. The private life is that which no one knows about. The secret life is that which no one completely knows about you. Its only you and yourself. Where do you dwell for so long? You should encourage yourself to live a private life. Just let your enemy be the one to guess your next move.

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