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Video: Kenyans Should Prepare For The Worse If Lockdown and Curfew Is Lifted [Opinion]

Corona virus pandemic is becoming more serious as days go by. Third wave has turned out to be more dangerous than the first wave. President Uhuru is currently under a very difficult moment as to whether uplift some of covid-19 measures or not. Kenyans have been complaining that they are suffering due to the issue of Lockdown and dusk to Dawn curfew. Do you think it is high time people should go back to their normal lives? Only a fool can say yes to such a question. If you haven't watch current covid-19 situation in India then try and have a look at it. I hope those who have watched it will have no problem even if total lockdown is imposed for two months.

With the current covid-19 numbers that are being reported by the ministry of health, I think it is not high time the government should allow people to go back to their normal lives, opening of schools and uplifting of measures. If this mistake can be done then we will regret. Let the president consult experts. We are used to Kenyans complaining, but wait when the situation gets out of hands they will again blame the government for not protecting them.

Let's accept covid-19 is real guys. Follow the health protocols. If possible, let the government impose a total lockdown countrywide for a period of one month. I believe if is done then we are likely to defeat this pandemic. Click this link to watch covid-19 situation in India

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