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5 Painful Signs That You May Have Contracted A Sexually Transmitted Infection

STIs are those infections that are transmitted from one person to onother through sexual contact with infected persons.

The pathogens that causes the infections spread through blood, semen, vaginal and other body fluids.

Therefore it's worth noting that sexually transmitted infections can also be contracted through sharing needles, breastfeeding and blood transfusion.

The signs and symptoms of these infections may manifest or fail to at all depending on the person's immunity especially during early stages of infection. Hence it's important to regularly go for health check-ups.

If a person experiences the following 5 signs a few days after exposure to unprotected sex they should immediately seek medical attention.

1.Un usual vaginal bleeding. This could be bleeding or spotting between period, after menopause, heavier or prolonged menstrual flow.

2.Abnormal discharge from the private organs. un usual vaginal discharge or from the penis is a strong sign of a sexually transmitted infection.For instance discharge that is foul smelling or greenish in colour.

3.Sore mouth and genitals. Here sores around the anus, rectum or mouth region may appear. They can be both painful or painless.

4.Painful sex organs. If one experiences pain or a burning sensation when peeing or during sexual intimacy it's an indication that one may have contracted an infection. It occurs both in males and females.

5.Swollen lymph nodes.

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Lymph nodes may start swelling or become painful particularly in the groin but may also occur in other parts of the body. This sign may manifest due to a different type of infection hence recommended to get test before jumping in to a wrong conclusion.

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